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Product of Year Finalist 2006 Product of Year Finalist 2006

October 3, 2006: Liquid Precision, Inc. is proud to announce the MFS Float System has been chosen as a Finalist for the 2006 Product of the Year as determined by Plant Engineering Magazine. The MFS Product will be appearing in the November issue of Plant Engineering Magazine. At that time readers can choose between the Finalist Products and vote online for the 2006 Product of the Year.

Here at Liquid Precision, Inc. we are very honored to be selected as a Finalist for the 2006 Product of the Year. The success of our MFS Float System has been fantastic, but becoming a Finalist for such a prestigious award is beyond expecatation. We knew upon release that the MFS Product was revolutionary and we are extremely pleased to get this type of recognition from our peers. Thank you for your continued support.

MFS Float System

The patent Multi Flow Series (MFS) Float System was designed to correct the limitations of current single point systems, while including the best features of each. The system can be used on flooded industrial batteries, deep cycle golf cart batteries and on flooded stationary batteries.
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The SFS-100, 200 & 300 Models

Liquid Precision, Inc. SFS (Single Flow Series) Watering Guns allow maintenance personnel to safely add water to industrial or golf cart batteries. These rugged tools keep the user safely away from direct contact with the cell during battery watering. A user can stand comfortably while filling cells and not have to worry about watching the electrolyte level rise. The automatic shutoff feature of the gun makes it a consistent fill every time. This greatly diminishes the hazard of acid splashing out of the cell and onto maintenance personnel. It also limits the amount that operator's have to bend over the battery and thus prevents back strain.
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