Liquid Precision, Inc.
Manufacturer of Industrial Battery Maintenance Products and Battery Watering Guns
P.O. Box 794, Quakertown, PA • Phone: 267-424-4493 Fax: 866-602-3410
Liquid Precision, Inc.

Liquid Precision, Inc.

Liquid Precision, Inc. is a manufacturer of safe battery watering products located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Our product line includes the MFS Single Point Watering System, SFS Battery Watering Guns, Deionized Water supplies and several accessory items.

While you may not be familiar with the Liquid Precision, Inc. name directly, you have most definitely seen or used our products in the past. We private label many of our products for other manufacturers. If you see a battery watering product in a slightly different color or marketed under a different brand name, there is a good possibilty it is a Liquid Precision, Inc. product.

We also have our own Distributor Network located around the Country. These Distributors are obviously very familiar with our products and can satisfy all your battery watering needs.

The systems are straightforward to install and can be easily modified in the field to accomodate various battery arrangements. We provide full factory support and will address any concerns/questions that your installer may have.

With that mentioned, some customers are...

hesitant to work on or around a battery. These customers always have an existing Battery Agent and/or Forklift Dealer who services their equipment. We are more than happy to train these Agents/Dealers on how to install the system. This gives the customer 2 options, they can either purchase the Watering System(s) and have it installed during their next service call. Or, they can get a fully installed quote from their current Agent/Dealer as we do offer deeper discounts to Agents and Dealers. Either way you can get a high quality Battery Watering System at a price well below the current industry average.

Contact us to find out about a Dealer in your area.

MFS Float System

The patent Multi Flow Series (MFS) Float System was designed to correct the limitations of current single point systems, while including the best features of each. The system can be used on flooded industrial batteries, deep cycle golf cart batteries and on flooded stationary batteries.
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The SFS-100, 200 & 300 Models

Liquid Precision, Inc. SFS (Single Flow Series) Watering Guns allow maintenance personnel to safely add water to industrial or golf cart batteries. These rugged tools keep the user safely away from direct contact with the cell during battery watering. A user can stand comfortably while filling cells and not have to worry about watching the electrolyte level rise. The automatic shutoff feature of the gun makes it a consistent fill every time. This greatly diminishes the hazard of acid splashing out of the cell and onto maintenance personnel. It also limits the amount that operator's have to bend over the battery and thus prevents back strain.
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